Shop for Pre-Owned Trucks in Eastern Ontario

Wondering where you can find pre-owned trucks for sale in Eastern Ontario? Laplante Auto Group Pre-Owned is a great place to start your search. Our dealership group is home to a large selection of pre-owned trucks from a wide variety of makes and models. Below, we’ve broken down all the reasons why drivers love to shop for used trucks at Laplante Auto Group Pre-Owned.

Why Shop for Used Trucks at Laplante Auto Group Pre-Owned?

Laplante Auto Group Pre-Owned is one of the largest dealers of pre-owned trucks in Eastern Ontario. Our selection of used trucks is the largest in the region, giving shoppers the freedom to find a model that meets their needs, without having to compromise or settle for a model they aren’t fully comfortable with.

Our dealership has options for every type of truck shopper. Our inventory includes accessible models for drivers on a budget, as well as upscale models that come equipped with the latest technology features and amenities. Our inventory includes light-duty, heavy-duty, half-ton, and 3/4-ton models. No matter what type of truck you’re looking for, we’re sure to have a model that’s right for you.

Our Convenient Locations

With two locations for drivers to choose from, it’s easy for drivers in the eastern Ontario region to stop at Laplante Auto Group Pre-Owned. We have locations in Embrun (700 Notre-Dame Street), and Casselman (632 Principale Street). No matter which of our locations a driver chooses to visit, they’ll be able to find a generous selection of trucks to choose from, and a friendly team of automotive professionals that can answer any questions or inquiries they may have.

Why Shop at Laplante Auto Group Pre-Owned?

In addition to our convenient locations and impressive selection of trucks, there are many reasons for drivers to go to Laplante Auto Group Pre-Owned for their vehicle shopping needs. We’ve been in business for over six decades and are heavily involved with the communities we serve. We also offer flexible financing options for drivers with subprime credit, making it easier for drivers to purchase the vehicle they’re interested in.

Contact Us

Have any questions for the Laplante Auto Group Pre-Owned team? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team if you have any questions regarding your vehicle shopping experience. Visit our Contact Us page to find contact information for both of our locations.