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Have a vehicle you’re ready to part ways with? Laplante Auto Group Pre-Owned is willing to give drivers top dollar for their vehicle. With locations in Embrun, and Casselman, it’s easy for eastern Ontario drivers to sell their vehicle at Laplante Auto Group Pre-Owned. Interested in learning more about the selling process? Continue reading to learn more about how our dealership handles vehicle trade-ins.

Sell Your Vehicle to Laplante Auto Group Pre-Owned

Laplante Auto Group Pre-Owned is the perfect place for drivers in eastern Ontario to sell their vehicle. We’ve streamlined our process to make sure it’s quick, stress-free, and intuitive. Our team accepts all makes and models, and works hard to ensure drivers are getting a fair price for their vehicle. Interested in learning how much your vehicle is worth? Fill out the form below to get started. 

Why Sell Your Vehicle to a Dealership?

Vehicle owners interested in selling their vehicle have a variety of options to choose from. Some drivers might be wondering: What are the advantages of selling a vehicle to a dealership, such as Laplante Auto Group Pre-Owned? For many drivers, going through a dealership is more efficient and convenient than other options.

Selling to a Dealership Vs. the Private Market

Drivers who choose to sell their vehicle on the private market will have to go through the difficult and time-consuming process of finding a buyer for their vehicle. This can include advertising, taking phone calls, scheduling test drives, negotiating the vehicle’s price, and other arduous tasks that many drivers don’t have the time or energy for. In comparison, trading in a vehicle to a nearby dealership is a fast and efficient way for drivers to get money for their vehicle. In addition, drivers who are looking to replace their old model with something new can put their old vehicle’s value towards their next purchase.

What Affects A Vehicle’s Trade-In Value?

A vehicle’s trade-in value can be affected by several factors. Naturally, its condition will play an important role in determining a vehicle’s value. Well-maintained models with lower mileage will be worth more than high-mileage vehicles that haven’t been regularly serviced.

The vehicle’s age is also an important point of consideration. A vehicle’s rate of depreciation will vary by model, but the average car loses the majority of its original value (roughly 60%) within five years of its original purchase. Other factors that need to be considered when determining a vehicle’s value include the vehicle’s popularity, availability in the local market, and trim level/option packages.